About Dee Robinson

Your nonprofit or service organization will benefit from precisely planned and well executed marketing communications. I can help with that.

Needs Answered

Organizations often find that outsourcing communications projects allows for tremendous flexibility and can be very cost-effective. Whether you don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to tackle marketing; have an interim need while staff is unavailable; or simply have too many projects to split your time between, I can step in and fill the gaps.


What Clients Say

Why work with me? When asked what they valued most, clients said,


  • Listens to my needs and is responsive
  • Easily navigates complex information
  • Is expert at project management and working with cross-functional teams
  • Develops customized/segmented campaigns that leverage available marketing technologies


What can you expect when you hire me? Briefly, the steps we will follow are:

  1. Define goals: Before we begin, we need to know where we are headed. Outlining your goals, the resources available and budget will ensure all efforts are focused on desired results.
  2. Develop marketing strategy: A look at your audience, how they should be segmented, the persona for those groups, your value proposition for each target and your market positioning. An effective creative platform can then be developed.
  3. Determine tactics: Once we know who we need to talk to and the message we need to convey, we’ll look at how we reach them and develop a calendar of communications tactics.
  4. Define implementation responsibilities: You and your staff may want to join in on the fun – but if you don’t, or can’t, that’s ok. By outlining who will do what and when, activities will be coordinated and take advantage of your available internal resources.
  5. Drive results: Once we hit the street, we need to monitor the effectiveness of our efforts and fine-tune as we go to ensure results are maximized.


My passion for marketing began in college when I led the promotions department for the campus radio station. Without realizing it, I was diving into what we now call content marketing. I created a magazine that featured the station’s programming and included original interviews and funny stories. It was my first taste of how powerful it can be to pair your message with what your audience finds valuable, and marketing has been my calling ever since.

Since 2002, I have provided marketing planning, project management and business writing services to healthcare, service and membership organizations. Clients I’ve worked with include: Medical Group Management Association, Estes Valley Fire Protection District, American College of Medical Practice Executives, RIA Endovascular and MGMA Health Care Consulting Group.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant and contractor, I managed membership retention for a trade association with more than 20,000 members, marketed home care and hospice services for a front-range healthcare system and coordinated marketing campaigns for numerous healthcare organizations around the country. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing.

As a volunteer, I’ve led marketing efforts and managed volunteers for schools, mentored troubled teens and fed senior citizens living in poverty. Currently I serve on the board of directors for the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center and assist with promoting the center’s programs and resources.